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      "You are all now publicly warned; and it will behove you, at your peril, to look to that bondman!" and then, without deigning farther parley, he left the hall."No, no, stewardBlack Jack is not so sick of his life as to throw himself into a furnace. There were not less than one hundred smiths and miners about him; and woe be to the man who should stir their ire."

      "What!" said the overbearing Leicester, looking fiercely at the ex-foreman"didn't I tell you that I was to be the King of Norfolk, and Wat Tyler"

      "This story," remarked the Earl of Oxford, "requires proof as much as any thing else."

      "It is false, knave!" said De Boteler, who had listened with impatience to the persuasive address of his lady"it is false! We are positively informed that you aided and abetted the flight of this bondman, and that you alone can give tidings of him."

      "Aye, ye may soon sleep your last sleep. They will have at ye in the morning; for the proud barons are gathering their might; but, by St. Nicholas! I may do something yet. Yes, there will be more bloodI see it;I must have an order to behead the lords; and then, if Richard will be king of the commons, and no more lords or bondage, father John himself could not wish for more."

      In a few minutes after this was effected, Richard's quick eye was suddenly attracted by an appearance on the beach.The page withdrew, and De Boteler, after perusing the parchment, presented it to Richard. It ran thus: "A retainer of the Lord de Boteler, will come, unarmed and alone, beneath the southern battlements, at ten o'clock. He is a leader of the commons, but, being touched with remorse, he will, if admitted before the king in council, disclose all the secrets of the rebels."



      "Know you!know you!" she repeated, starting from the seat she had taken beside him, and retreating a few steps.The leech was sent, and reported that the prisoner was in a state of extreme exhaustion, arising, it would seem, from inanition, as there was no evidence of bodily illness sufficient to have reduced him to so low a state.


      "Not one step further, kern!" cried the treasurer, seizing his sword, and placing himself in front of Sudbury.